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Wacky Smack Hooks Wacky Smack Hooks 3 pack

Wacky Smack Hooks

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$ 4.99

Wacky Smack Hooks 3 pack

Product Detail:

The Wacky Smack Hooks are the ONLY and Truly WEEDLESS Hooks on the market.

- Super sharp Mustad Hooks
- Available in 1/16oz
- PERMANENT Hand Tied Slide-Off Weedguard
- Deadly for fishing WACKY STYLE worms 
The QRS (Quick Release System) on The Slide-Off Weedguard will quickly deploy when the fish bites giving you "Hair Trigger Hook-Sets" EVERY TIME.

- Available in two hook sizes:

- Fish timber, grass, brushpiles
- Will not hang up in thick brush or grass

Simply the Best Wacky Style Hook on the Market

Slide-Off Weedguard
Camelback Jigs
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